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  • Thank you and your staff, particularly James for the quality care you gave to my husband Ed Rosenberg over the last year. You may use me as a reference any time.

    Shirley RosenbergWest Bloomfield MI
  • Brian has helped and cared for our Dad for over six years and has done a wonderful job.

    Edward A. SuiWest Bloomfield MI
  • My husband lives with Multiple Sclerosis. Brian was an integral part of my husband's quality of life. With his kindness, compassion and sense of knowing just what we needed, Brian brought healing and joy into our home. He helped make our lives comfortable and maintained our sense of joy and security during difficult and challenging times. You are like a loving family member, bringing light and joy to our lives. We are forever grateful.

    Dr. Ken and Carol FinkWest Bloomfield MI
  • Brian is a gifted, astute, caring, and sensitive person. His abilities to assess and manipulate are remarkable. I have been sending him my patients for over 6 years. Brian has great skills in helping others regain balance and control. He is a wonderful teacher. I highly recommend Brian.

    Dr. Steven Hadesman MD,Bingham Farms MI
  • Just a quick email to thank you again for your magical work with my mom. The stroke my mom suffered left her with significant loss on her left side but you were able to improve her mobility and strength long after the Medicare PT and OT had expired. In addition, your touch and compassion were a welcome visit in her week and I believe helped to keep her outlook positive. 

    Ann LevinFranklin MI
  • Five years ago, my mother suffered a serious ischemic stroke. When hospitalization and rehab were completed she was not ambulatory, had serious restrictions of movement on her right side and significant aphasia. For the past three years Brian has performed neuromuscular therapy on my mother. I am delighted to report that she can now stand and sit on her own, has regained significant use of her right arm, can walk with a walker and speaks more fluently and easily. Brian is an integral, absolutely crucial part of my mom’s return to health.
    Norman AnkersChairman, Litigation Department - Honigman, Miller, Schwartz & Cohn LLP
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